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The Project

The Business

Bornas General Hardware is a well-established hardware retailer based in Ottawa, Canada. The company has built a strong reputation over the years for providing top-quality hardware products and exceptional customer service.

With a focus on meeting the diverse needs of its customers, Bornas General Hardware offers a wide range of hardware items, including tools, equipment, building materials, and home improvement supplies.

The Client

Bornas General Hardware approached us, a prominent digital marketing agency, intending to transform its traditional brick-and-mortar business into a successful e-commerce venture.

As a hardware retailer, their target customers encompass both DIY enthusiasts and professionals in construction, renovation, and related industries. They have a loyal customer base in Ottawa and surrounding areas who value the company’s expertise, reliability, and extensive product selection.

Our mission

Our mission is to empower Bornas General Hardware to thrive in the digital landscape through e-commerce and digital marketing. We work closely with them to understand their goals and develop a tailored e-commerce strategy.

We focus on creating an exceptional online shopping experience, implementing effective digital marketing techniques, and positioning them as the go-to destination for hardware needs.

We aim to help them expand their customer base, drive online sales, and establish a robust online presence while maintaining their quality and customer satisfaction reputation.

The Challenges

Bornas General Hardware contacted us at a time when they were facing a substantial problem with their method of product pricing. The business relied on manual procedures, including multiple spreadsheet programs and calculations, to update product prices because it had a large inventory of over 60,000 products. This strategy proved time-consuming, prone to mistakes, and detrimental to their ability to keep prices low in the market.

Employees at Bornas General Hardware were required to manually track and update prices, which proved to be ineffective, especially given the company’s ongoing expansion. Due to the manual nature of the procedure, there was a higher chance of mistakes, inconsistencies, and delays in pricing changes, which harmed the business operations’ overall effectiveness.

Bornas General Hardware set out to create an application that would do away with the requirement for manual effort in changing product prices after realizing the need for a more efficient and automated solution. Their main goal was to create a centralized platform to track costs, pricing, and special offers over time and adjust them automatically based on user preferences.

The task was to create a robust application that could integrate with Bornas General Hardware’s current systems, efficiently manage their enormous product catalog, and automate the pricing updating procedure. The solution needed to be effective, precise, and scalable to consider their expanding inventory and shifting pricing strategies.

Bornas General Hardware sought to address this issue to decrease the time and resources needed for pricing management, eliminate human error, increase price competitiveness, and improve overall operational effectiveness. Bornas General Hardware would be able to maintain its agility in a dynamic market, optimize its price strategy, and provide better customer service if they were to adopt an automated pricing application successfully.

Our Solution

Our comprehensive range of solutions has enabled Bornas General Hardware to overcome various challenges and elevate its online presence. By implementing cutting-edge features, we have enhanced customer interaction and accessibility. Our advanced tools have significantly improved efficiency, customer engagement, and brand visibility.

Additionally, our attention to detail in product categorization, security, analytics, and interactive features has resulted in a seamless and personalized shopping experience for Bornas General Hardware’s customers.

Some of our solutions Live Chat: Implemented a live chat feature on the website to enable real-time customer support and enhance communication with visitors, improving customer satisfaction and conversion rates.

  • Blog Page: Created a dedicated blog page to showcase informative and engaging content related to the industry, helping to attract and engage the target audience while establishing Bornas General Hardware as a knowledgeable resource.
  • Lead Form: Developed a lead form to capture visitor information, enabling Bornas General Hardware to generate leads and build a database for targeted marketing campaigns and follow-ups.
  • Google Map: Integrated a Google Map feature to provide an interactive and user-friendly way for customers to locate Bornas General Hardware’s physical store, enhancing convenience and accessibility for local shoppers.
  • HTML Sitemap: Implemented an HTML sitemap to improve website navigation and search engine crawling, ensuring all pages are indexed and easily discoverable by users and search engines.
  • Coupon System: Created a coupon system that allows Bornas General Hardware to offer discounts and promotional offers to customers, driving sales and incentivizing repeat purchases.
  • CRM Integration: Integrated a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system to centralize customer data, track interactions, and facilitate personalized marketing and customer service.
  • Product Categories: Organized products into distinct categories, making it easier for customers to browse and find relevant items, improving user experience, and increasing the likelihood of sales.
  • Marketing Automation: Implemented marketing automation tools to streamline and automate marketing activities such as email campaigns, personalized product recommendations, and abandoned cart reminders, boosting customer engagement and conversions.
  • Social Navigation Menu: Integrated social media links into the website’s navigation menu, enabling seamless access to Bornas General Hardware’s social media profiles and enhancing brand visibility and engagement on social platforms.
  • Social Media Integration: Incorporated social media sharing buttons and feeds on the website, allowing customers to share products and content on their preferred social media platforms, expanding brand reach and driving traffic.
  • User Registration and Login: Created a user registration and login system to facilitate personalized experiences, enable saved carts and order tracking, and provide exclusive offers to registered customers, fostering customer loyalty.
  • Carousel Main Homepage Banner: Designed an attractive and dynamic carousel banner on the homepage to highlight new arrivals, promotions, and featured products, grabbing visitors’ attention and encouraging exploration.
  • New Arrivals List for Products: Implemented a dedicated section or list showcasing the latest product arrivals, enabling customers to stay updated with the newest offerings and promoting sales of newly stocked items.
  • Security and Backup Maintenance: Implemented robust security measures, including SSL certificates and regular data backups, to ensure customer data protection and business continuity in case of any unforeseen incidents.
  • Google Analytics and Search Console: Integrated Google Analytics and Search Console to monitor website traffic, analyze user behavior, track conversions, and optimize the website’s performance and search engine visibility.
  • Sub-category-based Product Assigning: Structured products into sub-categories for better organization and navigation within more significant categories, enabling customers to find specific items more efficiently.
  • Most Searched and Trendy Products Category: Implemented a dedicated category to showcase the most searched and trending products, leveraging customer interests and preferences to drive sales and enhance the shopping experience.

Live Video Discussion and Q&A Option for Visitors: Introduced a live video discussion feature and a Q&A section to engage with visitors in real time, providing expert guidance, answering queries, and building trust and credibility.

The Result

The collaboration between Bornas General Hardware and our team at DeveloperLook yielded exceptional outcomes. The client’s active involvement and cooperation played a vital role in ensuring its success throughout the project. Their valuable input and prompt feedback allowed us to tailor our solutions precisely to their needs, resulting in a highly customized and effective e-commerce platform.

Our dedication to completing the project was unwavering, and we pursued it with unrelenting determination. We poured our expertise and resources into every development process aspect, ensuring no detail was overlooked. Our tireless efforts and the client’s support led to the timely delivery of a feature-rich and seamless e-commerce website that surpassed expectations.

The results achieved were remarkable. Bornas General Hardware witnessed a significant improvement in operational efficiency, with the automation of their product pricing process saving considerable time and resources. The centralized tool we developed provided real-time updates, enabling them to stay competitive and maintain accurate pricing for their extensive inventory.

The enhanced user experience, aided by features such as live chat support, a user-friendly blog page, and a comprehensive navigation menu, led to increased customer satisfaction and engagement. Integrating marketing automation tools and CRM facilitated targeted marketing campaigns, generating qualified leads and fostering long-term customer relationships.

Bornas General Hardware experienced substantial business growth, increased online sales, and expanded customer reach. Integrating Google Analytics and Search Console provided invaluable insights into website performance, enabling data-driven decision-making and continuous improvement.

In conclusion, the collaborative effort between Bornas General Hardware and our dedicated team at DeveloperLook resulted in a transformative online presence and tangible business outcomes. By leveraging our expertise and the client’s vision and support, we successfully delivered a cutting-edge e-commerce solution that propelled their growth, enhanced customer engagement, and solidified their position as a market leader in the hardware industry.

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