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The Project

Legit Label is a directory website connecting businesses in New York, USA, with potential customers. It offers various listing and promotional services, helping businesses establish a strong online presence, increase visibility, and attract a targeted audience.

The client, a forward-thinking entrepreneur, envisioned a user-friendly platform that simplifies finding and engaging with local businesses, fostering regional economic growth. They aimed to deliver a seamless user experience, innovative features, and an appealing design for maximum user engagement and satisfaction.

Our mission for the Legit Label project was to develop a cutting-edge website that exceeds client expectations by creating a visually striking and intuitive interface. We aimed to optimize the platform for search engines, maximizing visibility for listed businesses and enhancing user experiences.

The Challenges

Our team encountered several challenges while developing the Legit Label directory website. These challenges tested our technical expertise and required us to find innovative solutions to ensure a successful outcome. Some of the challenges we faced include:

  • Data Management: Managing vast data, including business listings and user profiles, presented a significant challenge. We implemented efficient database structures and optimized data retrieval processes to ensure seamless performance and real-time updates.
  • Search Functionality: Developing a robust and accurate search functionality was complex. We carefully crafted search algorithms, implemented advanced filtering options, and fine-tuned keyword matching to deliver relevant and speedy search results, enhancing user experience.
  • User Interface and Design: Designing an intuitive and visually appealing interface demanded careful attention. We collaborated with our design team to create a seamless and responsive design that facilitated easy navigation, showcased business listings effectively, and encouraged user engagement.
  • Scalability and Performance: Ensuring scalability and optimal performance as the website grew and user interactions posed a considerable challenge. We designed a scalable architecture, implemented caching mechanisms, and optimized the codebase to handle increased traffic and maintain fast loading times.
  • Security and User Privacy: Protecting user data and ensuring website security were top priorities. We employed stringent security measures like secure login mechanisms and encrypted data transmission. We conducted thorough vulnerability testing to safeguard user information and maintain their trust.
  • Integration of Additional Features: Integrating third-party services, including maps, payment gateways, and review systems, required meticulous planning and seamless integration. We collaborated closely with external service providers, ensuring smooth data exchange and a cohesive user experience.
  • Mobile Responsiveness: Optimizing the website for mobile devices presented its own set of challenges. We adopted a mobile-first approach, implementing responsive design techniques and thorough testing across various screen sizes and devices to provide a seamless user experience.

As dedicated developers at DeveloperLook, we tackled these challenges head-on, leveraging our technical expertise and collaborating effectively. Through continuous learning and problem-solving, we successfully overcame these hurdles, delivering a high-quality directory website that exceeded client expectations and provided an exceptional user experience for Legit Label.

The Solution

As developers at DeveloperLook, we provided a range of solutions to enhance the Legit Label directory website:

  • Directory Integration: Our team seamlessly integrated third-party platforms, enabling enhanced functionality and a seamless user experience.
  • Customize according to your requirements: We tailored the website to meet the client’s needs, incorporating customizable features and design elements.
  • Complete Branding & Design: Our expertise in branding and design ensured a visually appealing and cohesive brand identity across the website.
  • Install a security system for website protection: We prioritized website security, implementing robust measures to protect user data and prevent unauthorized access.
  • Claim & Verify Listing: We streamlined the process for businesses to claim and verify their listings, enhancing credibility and reliability.
  • Invoice System: Our comprehensive invoice system simplified billing and invoicing processes, ensuring transparency and efficiency.
  • Integrations Listing: We seamlessly integrated various platforms, such as maps and social media, to enrich content and functionality.
  • Promote Listing Product: Our promotional features allowed businesses to highlight and showcase their listings, increasing visibility and attracting customers.
  • Setup Categories, Tags & Regions: We organized the website into logical categories, tags, and regions, improving user navigation and searchability.
  • Setup Payment Packages: Our flexible payment packages cater to businesses’ specific needs, offering options for listing their services and products.
  • Develop Explore Page as per your Requirements: We designed and developed a dedicated Explore page, encouraging users to discover new listings and engage with the platform.
  • User Sign-In/Register functionality: Our user-friendly sign-in and registration system provides seamless access and personalized experiences.
  • Advance Search Option: You can search with several features that will help you find the most accurate result.
  • Appropriate Property Category for Each Industry: Each industry of Alamance county can list their business with appropriate categories. The advanced search filter helps visitors to find the actual business.
  • Advanced Listing and (Exact) Live Location Pointing Functions on Map: The business a visitor searched can easily be found on map with live location where it is delivering services.
  • Different Event Planning Features: When Discover Alamance will arrange an event, it will automatically come here and visitors will find the events if those are interesting for them or not.
  • Featured Listing of Businesses: This helps the visitors to find the features businesses listed on this directory.
  • Latest Listing of Businesses. Here Business Finding Features Include:
    • Near Me: Visitors can find businesses that are close to their location.
    • Price: Visitors can search businesses according to the money factors like price range, minimum price, maximum price to find the actual business for them.
    • Open Now: This will help visitors to find the available businesses on the directory while he is searching.
    • Best Match (to the search): This helps visitors to find the best business according to his searched keyword.
    • Sorting Category: While finding a property visitors can sort the categories that they are searching for. Also searching with mixed categories helps visitors a lot.
    • All categories (Filter Search): This helps visitors to search businesses on different criteria and action what they want to get the accurate result.
  • Latest News and Tips for Businesses and Visitors: Latest news and the tips Discover Alamance will release will be available for the visitors or businesses who want to list business here.
  • Review Giving and Contacting Features with Each Business Category: Businesses and visitors (who have an account) can review a listed business here with different functions.
  • A Complete Dashboard of different features, Including:
    • Lead Form
    • Coupons 
    • Listings
    • Inbox
    • Invoices
    • Saved
    • Package
    • Review

Powerful search facet editor, unique to each listing type: We created a robust search facet editor, allowing businesses to define custom search filters and parameters.

Develop Admin, Vendors & Clients Dashboard: Our comprehensive dashboards provide centralized control and management for administrators, vendors, and clients, simplifying operations and enhancing efficiency.

At DeveloperLook, our team’s expertise and dedication enabled us to deliver these solutions, surpassing client expectations and ensuring the success of the Legit Label directory website.

The Result

The implementation of our solutions for the Legit Label directory website resulted in significant improvements. Users found the website easier to navigate and engage with, leading to increased satisfaction and longer browsing sessions.

Businesses benefited from enhanced visibility and improved monetization options. Streamlined operations and a professional design contributed to a positive brand image.

Overall, our expertise in web development positively impacted the success of the Legit Label website.

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